About us

Alset’s founders have worked in the IT industry since 2005; After years of experience, observation and study, they found the opportunity to share their passion and knowledge with companies with big ideas and even bigger dreams.

Joining forces in 2017, Alset has developed various web and mobile solutions, each of them carefully personalized for your clients.

Explore the Alset Advantage: With a diverse array of services spanning from cutting-edge software development to bespoke UX/UI design, and a rich tapestry of industry expertise ranging from finance to education, Alset is uniquely positioned to revolutionize your business landscape. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is not just our promise to clients, but also the cornerstone of our vibrant career opportunities. Join us in shaping the future of technology, where your vision meets our expertise to create outstanding results.

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Our Culture

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diverse and inclusive teams positively impact our products and services, helping us better serve customers, sales partners, employees, and communities of all backgrounds.

Our leadership principles

Alset employees use the leadership principles daily, whether discussing new projects, coming up with the best solutions for our clients, or interviewing candidates.

Continuous development

We are always concerned about the growth of your skills, which is why at Alset, we individually develop a career plan for all our employees.

We’re Ready for a Challenging Project

Send us your brief and tell us your project too. We are ready to help all you need