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The problem

Expanding or building your team can be an overwhelming challenge, the lack of knowledge about technical profiles, the variety of talent and the big pay rate diferences are factors that can lead to a bad talent selection. These factors result in economic and time loss trying to find the best people for your company.


The solution

We have more than 5 years of experience in the process of selection and recruitment of IT talent, we know the different types of profiles that a company may require to build its dream team.


The process

Our process ASL (Analytical Selection Laboratory) consists in 4 stages: the first one is not only about seeking for the best fit, we collect information from different media for an initial psychometric evaluation of the postulate. Secondly, we perform the technical tests corresponding to the level of experience and skill required by the position The third stage consists of a psychometric evaluation focused more deeply on the required position. And finally we schedule an interview between the final candidates and the client.



Once the hiring has been done, we maintain close contact with the recruit during their stay in the project to ensure their wellness all the time, with the aim of reducing staff turnover.