Solutions in the Cloud

Optimize resources with virtual cloud solutions


SOLUTIONS IN THE CLOUDmore and more companies need immediate availability of data, large spaces to store complex infrastructures such as software or web pages, services linked to Internet connection, among others that is not always affordable to have physically. ALSET manages solutions in the virtual cloud to respond to this business problem.

Contamos con

  • Web Apps
  • Virtual machines
  • Cloud computing
  • Virtual cloud storage
  • Mobile notifications
  • Cognitive computing and machine learning
  • Automated processes
  • Platforms as a service (PAAS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)

These are some of the solutions that help companies to securely link their data to the Internet.

Decrease the infrastructure costs of your company, have access to your local server information anywhere in the world safely and quickly, do not limit yourself with spaces. Our solutions in the virtual cloud have a maximum level of performance since we rely on platforms such as Windows Azure.

In ALSET we work to give professional support to the structures, applications and storage according to the needs of each industry.

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