Cloud Solutions

Optimize resources with virtual cloud solutions
The companies with the pass of the time have had an evolution on their requirements of data availability, spaces to store web sites, software or databases. Likewise, nowadays physic storage is not always the best option. Therefore, ALSET offers solutions to face the tech changes that companies require, by reducing infrastructure costs, giving fast and secure worldwide access with high flexibility and scalability. ALSET offers professional support of Infrastructures, Virtualization, Storage, Migration, Automatic Processes and services like Machine Learning and Big Data using high-performance technologies like Microsoft Azure.

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The security is key for companies. Our cloud solutions, based on the biggest cloud service provider "Microsoft Azure", protect all your solutions with custom hardware, integrated security controls on hardware and firmware, and the best protection against "DDoS" attacks.


Under our processes, we analyze the sizing of the necessary hardware resources complying with the customer's requirements. The above based on each Cloud service consumption, for example, through the DTUs (Data Transaction Units) from a DataBase we analyze the right sizing that its Hardware requires for a certain operation, with this we review required properties like processing and RAM.


We offer Cloud services, at a Hardware level, abled to grow or decrease any time. We achieve our scalability programming the maximum and minimum ranges that a service requires, this implies many benefits to our clients like cost reduction and minimize impacts. Likewise, we design DRPs (Data Recovery Plans) to any contingency, based on our clients' requirements.


We take care, at a Software level, of all the logic support and operation of the Cloud services, minizing the impacts on the structure.