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Healthy, customizable bowls just a few clicks away. App: Xamarin Forms Website: Azure Web Apps Angular Web Services: Azure Web Apps Azure SQL .NET Core REST API Encrypted communication





After collaborating in some projects and concur in the passion of technology and in creating amazing things, Alset and Manfiesto decide to unite forces to revolutionize the IT world. We want to create applications, brands and unique spaces with the potential to change the people’s life, we know that your idea or business can do it and we want to help you achieve it.

Boca Boca is the first dessert restaurant in Mexico City. Unlike traditional bakeries, Boca creates a unique sensory experience where the dish is the star of the day, and unlike traditional restaurants, Boca’s menu includes exclusively desserts that invite us to relearn and rediscover the way we enjoy them. The branding is present in the space from the first step given, from the logotype embedded in the pink concrete step at the entrance, to the shelves and walls of the restaurant. To make this possible without an invasive feeling, we created a logotype based on basic figures that blends naturally with interior design. The graphic identity also includes carefree patterns of ink stains in golden finishes that reflect the creativity of the dishes and function as a complementary element within the restaurant, like in the shipping boxes that adorn the shelves.


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CAM Founded in 2016 by Diego García, Sofía Creel and Daniela Carrasco. CAM Galería is a space dedicated to the creation and development of visual arts. Located in Polanco, one of the Mexico City’s neighborhoods with the greatest cultural and commercial offer, CAM has become a reference for dialogue and discussion about contemporary art.


SULTEPEC 19 Sultepec 19 is a residential development in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City. The neighborhood is known for having a strong influence of art deco in its residential buildings. We took and reinterpreted the heavy historical burden of the area, creating a logotype inspired on the typeballs introduced to the market during the 20’s and an isotype with art deco reminiscences, adding a minimalist but detailed typographic arrangement for the stationery and sales book, we obtained an atemporal identity for the area that, thanks to a game of lights and shadows succeeds at mimetizing with the surrounding architecture, resulting in a contemporary building that looks like it has always been there.

Sultepec 19

Abejera Apiaro Mi Reina Lupita is an apiary producing honey of the highest quality in the whole country. After a long career of more than a decade, they decided to create a brand that can compete nationally and internationally in retail shops. This is how Abejera was born, a brand committed not only with honey but also with the innovation of honey-based products and the preservation of bees with various programs such as “Adopt a Beehive” in their Xochimilco apiary or “Alert Buzz”, which links experts to rescue, protect and relocate hives in urban and semi-urban areas.