Dev Ops Transition

Confront the constant technological changes with the help of DevOps solutions
The constant pressure that exists among the companies to improve their platforms due to the technological advances is a concern because it also implies adaptability by them. In ALSET we understand this and offer solutions to react to these changes in an agile, efficient and reliable way through technological tools based on Dev Ops (Development Operations). Our services include software life-cycle development, usability, and testing services, mobile and web releases using Microsoft AppCenter and Microsoft Azure, version control with Azure GIT by implementing CI / CD (Continuous integration and continuous delivery) for any programming language, platform, and cloud. With the ALSET's Dev Ops services, get smarter planning, better collaboration, quality assurance, automated tasks and overall an agile development using a set of modern development services to meet the needs of your customers.

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Agile Planning

The tools we provide control the progress of your ideas, at each stage of your development. Also, they provide an update of each change made in your code and directly linked to the work items. With the above, you get updates on the status and maintenance of your projects with modern agile tools, as well as a record of pending tasks on Kanban or Scrum panels.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

In ALSET we understand that the automation of your processes is key to provide an optimized development to your customers in a shorter time. Therefore, we offer continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD) for applications in Node.JS, .NET, iOS, Android, Python, among others. We provide compatibility with "YAML", test integration, version validation, reports, etc.

Version Control

Teamwork is essential to achieve success in either a service or product, usually providing a strategy for the availability and centralized location of your software code is essential to achieve success in your development team. ALSET offers the tools to distribute your code in less time and host it with unlimited space in private GIT repositories and with TFVC support, no matter if your project is small or the largest repository, we are ready. We offer compatibility with any GIT client, Webhooks and integration of APIs and tools for automation with CI / CD functionalities.

Testing Plans

We send your iOS, Android, Windows and macOS applications more quickly and confidently, automating their life cycles. Perform thousands of tests on thousands of real devices using Microsoft App Center, we also distribute beta versions to all your testers and directly to app stores such as App Store and Google Play Store. We monitor the actual use of your applications using error data and analysis, thereby mitigating most of the bugs and crashes that applications may contain.